Monday, 3 November 2014

Dishonest bunch of liars !!!

This review is for the ego wellness pune branch, dhole patil road, pune 411001

I have no experience of the quality of the treatment at ego wellness, as their machine was constantly under repairs and treatments that I had paid for were not completed .

while the treatment was not even completed half way ego wellness closed its pune, dhole patil road branch . while the branch was still open around july 2014, and  the machine was not available for treatment, I was told by the manager of the pune branch that my money would be refunded by october 2014 . upon visiting the shop in october I see that ego wellness is shut down . all this after waiting for almost a year for their ipl machine to be repaired!

following repeated telephone complaints to the manager I was given the number of one ms shelly in bangalore( # 0740615XXXX) who is supposed to be an owner/partner of the business . I tried calling her repeatedly but got no response . a few days later someone by the name of sandeep(# 973933XXXX) returned my call . I explained my problem to him and even sent a copy of the receipt . he too stopped answering my calls and emails . these people have no ethics whatsoever. any inquiries are also replied with outright lies . beware of these scamsters .! dishonest cheats is all I can say .

all this for a measley 7000/- rupees which they owe me as refund .