Thursday, 11 July 2013

Propmind realty - Big frauds

Be smart and Careful

Hi friend,

I want to aware about a fraud company in noida, whose name is propmind realty.this company owner name is J. K Jeewan and his brother name is kalendra yadav,both are running a fraud real estate company(propmind realty).the previous name of this company was Muskan city homes.

Though muskan city homes company,they have done many fraud to his client and take his money (in Lakhs),go away from noida or delhi/ncr. many people who want to taken home/flats/villa through this company,all are in road currently beacause this company taken huge amount of money to his client and his Staff He has not paid even salary off is IT Team and Sales Team, HR Has Given Cheques but all are got bounced for booking homes/flats in noida or delhi/ncr region, but lastly he has gone away to take his money.

Again, he has started a new real estate company - PROPMIND REALTY PVT LTD in Noida,Running by J. K. JEEWAN . LIKE previous company(muskan city homes),again he has taken huge amont of money to his clent or invester for booking and go away. all employee,who was working in this company,facing problem nowadays because he had also not given his salary last 1 years.  

Be aware my friend, please don't join for job or invest your money for home or flats or any type of investment through this company.

Details of this company:-

Previous company name:- Muskan city homes
present company name:- Propmind Realty pvt ltd
owner name:- J K Jeewan
owner brother name:- Kalendra

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fake and fraud BPO list

Be smart and Careful

Fake BPO’s
Informatics India - Maldah
*Abhilash - Power Infotech - Banglore / Mysore
* Rosan Mehra - Mehra Infotech - Banglore
* Sanchit Mehta - Elixir Infoseek, Indore
* Chandomay Das - Guwahati
* Kunal Mehata - Guwahati
**vinayak chitlangi-yehmail,future technologies,jaipur
**Lancer Consultancy -Gwalior - M.P
1. Mr.Deepak Verma - AMBIT TECHNOCRATS, Sarvpriya Vihar,N.Delhi
2. Mr.Amit Sharma - Global Transcribe
3. Mr.Pramodh Gupta (Amit Singh) - Mission Technologies & E-Technologies, Surat
4. Mr.Sumit Charkraborty, Ankit Saxena, Atul Sinha - Hitech Solution, Indore
5. Mr.Umedh Doke - Golden Rays Technologies, Pune
6. Mr.Rahul Verma - N.Delhi
7. Mr.Anil Mehta, Ajay Mehta - Spectrum Technologies, Indore/Mumbai
8. Mr.Kamalesh, Varanasi
9. Mr.Alok bihar. Varanasi now with new name(netscape communication) and new project(dream project)
10. Mr.Ravinder Doshi & Mr.Dheeraj Jetley.- Madhyam Infotech Pvt Ltd., Mumbai
11. Mr.Mukul Anand - Future Concepts Pvt. Ltd., N.Delhi
12. Mr. Prashant Kale of Nagpur
13. Mr.Dasgupta - WITSUN, Mumbai.
14. Mr.Rajesh Khare - Delhi and Kolkata
15. Mr.Rajiv - FAST TRACK COMPUTERS, Bangalore
16. Mr.Rakesh Patil - Eminent Technologies, Mumbai.
18. Mr. Sarang Kale of Nagpur
19. Mr.Manish Kedia -- Kolkata.
20. Mr.Shetty - Advance Computer Centre, Kolkata
21. Mr.Parthosen -- Bangalore/Mysore
22. Mr.Subhranil Banerjee -- Kolkata
23. Mr.Jai Prakash Garg -- Delhi/Kolkata.
24. Mr.Anirban Mazumdar -- Kolkata.
25. Mr.Rajesh Ganguly, N.Delhi
26. Shanark Industrial Company of Nagpur
27. Ms.Shivani Jha - E-LOGIX INDIA, Gurgaon.
28. Mr.Sailendra Godse -- Pune
29. Mr.Rajesh Jain - Surbhi Computech, Pune
30. Mr.Suranjan Bhattacharya & Mr.Pradip Roychowdhury -- Kolkata
31. Mr. Ranjan Kale of Nagpur
32. -- Indore/ Chennai
33. Datapoint-Uttam Nagar, Pankha Road, N. Delhi.
34. Helpine Software & System Development: kolkata
35. Mr.Sisir Ghose, Sapan Mondol, Subrata -- Regent colony, Kolkata/Delhi
36. Maithry Infotech, Bangalore
37. Mr.Balaji Bhandari - Pune
38. Mr.Kedar Pandey - M/s Root Call Consultancy, Muradabad
39. Mr.Shekar Narayan can be anywhere in India
40. Mr.Ashish Lunkhad--Visual Flex, Mumbai
41. Mr.Siddhartha Biswas -- Kolkata.
42. Mr.J.P.Singh -- N.Delhi
43. Mr.Rahul Singh -- Inox Solution, N.Delhi
44. Mr.Sajid Nakhwa -- Kolkata/Delhi.
45. Mr.Shiva - can be anywhere in India
46. Mr.Rajesh khare -- Delhi and Kolkata.
48. Mr.Anirban Mazumdar -- kolkata.
49. Mr.Argha Chatterjee -- kokata.
50. Mr.Satish Sankhe -- Mumbai.
51. Mr.Mumtaz Demello -- Mumbai.
52. Mr.Gurmit -- Panipat
53. Mr.Sankar Iyer -- Nasik
54. Mr.Sunil Rathore -- N.Delhi
55. Mr.Surender -- Allahabad
56. Mr.Alok Haldar - Micro Support Systems, N.Delhi(greater kailash-2).
57. Mr.Harsh Sharma - Source Horizon, Jaipur
58. Mr.Satish - Mind Vision Data Solution
59. is a fruad company Pune
60. Mr.Shpriya Anna -- Delhi
Mr. Ravi Khanna & Rohan Khandelwal - Lancer consultancy-Gwalior
Mr. Prasanth verma, Infoserve technologies, Kolkatta
Mr. Daniel Rozar, Kolkatta, Singapore, Delhi
Mr. Rajkumar , ACME BPO , coimbatore
All firms from Kolkata ,Kanpur & Luknow
61. Mr.Rahul Singh -- kolkata
62. Mr.D.P.Shethia -
63. Mr.Vinod Rajan (hyderabad/bombay/delhi)
64. Mr.Debasis Saha,Anirban Ghosh & Sisir Ghosh -- Kolkata. Agent of Mr. Mukul Anand, Future Concepts, N.Delhi
66. Mr.Deep Sharma -- Nagpur
67. - court orders to file FIR of 420 against
68. Synapse IT Systems Pvt Ltd, N Delhi.
69. Techtrix Infocom, N Delhi.
70. Mr. Ekalayva Saxena -- N.Delhi/Uttar Pradesh
71. Mr.Ramesh & Sagheer
72. Mr.Aryan & Dev & Kishore
73. Salient Online Solution Pvt Ltd
74. Mr.Raj kumar of nagpur
75. Mr.R.Attal - Global Technologies, Bangalore
76. Winwin tech.
77. Mr.Radhe Shyam Agrawal -Jagat India, Jaipur
79. Mr. Deepak Verma & Mr. Amit Sharma - Winpac Delhi
80. Mr Rohit Malhotra & Mr Rahul Bhalla- Cyberix Technologies, Gurgaon
82. Royal Computer - Lucknow
83. Mr.Sanjoy Saha Kolkata
84. Mr.Nabin Chowdhury - Kolkata
85 Mr.Manos - Kolkata
86. -- Aurangabad
87. Nashik
Disclaimer : I do not hold hold any responsibility or liability of any kind towards any companies or consultancies listed above.The information is fetched from the above mentioned links.No clarification or enquiry regarding it will be entertained.