Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lara Technologies in Bangalore is a fake company

Be smart and Careful

These are a coaching service providers in Bangalore who used to take money from students and they dont give proper knowledge to the students. sometimes they even don't disclose the actual amount they are asking to students. How much they charge??? How much lara technologies charge???
one time one of my friend joined there and after two months he was out with no knowledge and his response for lara were like " really ur the F according to me ur not fit to lorn the cores, how he will teach means even LKG students also can understand, what u no about him...ha, he worked for wipro, Em, he worked in singapur for 2 years i bet with any one no one in the bangalore can teach like him ... GO AND TELL TO YOUR PARENTS I AM NOT FIT TO LORN TECHNICAL SUBJECT I WILL DIE I Am NOT FIT TO LEAVE HEAR...tu.. SEEM less peoples"
So people beware of those cheaters and dont go there.