Saturday, 17 December 2011

Fraud IT Companies in India

Be smart and Careful

List of Fake/Fraud/Blacklisted Companies
The below list is purely based on the recent activities and complaints by various section of students. Campus Connect Team shall not be held accountable for what reviews we get from our readers. Also these companies names are gathered keeping in views of their registration approval from Ministry of Corporate Affairs,GoI, Hiring Practice, Income Tax efilling report and whois data to trace the details related to inception of website etc.
Company Name Category
3SPL Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Aanvi Web Services Blacklisted/Fraud
AAS Technologies Fake/Blacklisted
Accurix Infotech Blacklisted/Fraud
Accurix Technologies Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Aerosoft Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Aniweb Designs Fake/Fraud
Applied Binary Blacklisted
Asian Info Systems Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Choice Information Network Technologies Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Click Inc Blacklisted
CMC Infotech Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Dibon Software Solution/Nanda Technology Group Fake/Fraud
Dilysmadoc Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Dot Technology Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
EGI Websoft Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Elsoft Technologies Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Elux India Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Emitech Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Enest Technology Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Ericsson Power Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
EXL Infotel Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Finch Lab Blacklisted/Fraud
Finite Infotech Fraud
Fusion Tech (Noida) Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Global Phone Networks(GPN) Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Ib1 Innovate Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
IT Scient Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
IWS Technology Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
JKL Console Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
JKL Media Pvt Ltd Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Kalash Technosoft Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
KMA Power Blacklisted
Kreeti Tech Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
L-Cubes Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Lantic Soft Solution Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Magnaj Innovation Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Matric Telecom Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Matrix3i Solutions Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Matwork Technologies Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Maxvin Elevators Fake/Fraud
Meteorite Informatics Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Mind & Tech Software Venture Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
MMV Solution Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Moon Infosystem Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Multimodous Ventures Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Negoits Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
NeoFra Web Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
NPCL (Net Profit Consultancy Limited) Blacklisted/Fraud
Oftware Pvt Ltd Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Oligoi Solution Pvt Ltd Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Origin Technical Services Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
OSN Infotech Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Pointer IT Solutions Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Prima Impact Informatics
Solution Blacklisted/Fraud
Process Global Inc Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Quadraminds Technologies Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Sairs Info Solutions Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Samcys Technologies Blacklisted
The Sohoy Blacklisted/Fraud
Vacs Infotech Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Zan Info Solutions Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Zep Infratech Fake/Fraud
Airfone Blacklisted
1. Vedic Info Tech ( company of ITBRAINSAPERS (
2. Raython Technologies Pvt.Ltd. ITBRAINSAPERS (
3. eSmart Web Solutions ( ITBRAINSAPERS (
4. ICS Solution Info Tech ITBRAINSAPERS (
5. Business Info System ITBRAINSAPERS (
6. Famous Personality ITBRAINSAPERS (
This is a detailed list of fake companies created by IT Brain Shapers (Munirka/Noida).
1. Vedic Info Tech
2. Raython Technologies
3. Aquity Design
4. Ablaze Info Tech
5. eSmart Web Solutions
6. ICS Solution Info Tech
7. Millennium Software Solution
8. Prophecy Tech India
9. Broin Tech IT
10. Enigma Software Solution
11. Business Info System
12. Famous Personality
13. Soft Cell System
14. VRI Solution
16. Hash Infosys
17. Gnix Info
18. Jiyoun Systems
19. Sanmati Solution
20. E-ware Technology
21. IT Brain Shapers
22. The Metricsoft
23. ERP Solutions Asia
24. Mosaic Technology
25. Valid Page
26. Hope for All info
27. Soft Tech World
28. Radix Info Solution
28. TT Tech
29. Alien SoftNet

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