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BAN on QNET, 7000Crs QNetScam :Cheating, MLM under PCMCS & MPID Act / Money Laundering

Hi CBI / The Law enforcement / Ministers
I am taking the initiative to complain against QNET which is operating MLM model.
This scam is around Rs. 7000 crs and more than 5 lacs people lost their hard earned money.
QNet Ltd, formerly known as QuestNet, GoldQuest, against which the legal action was initiated by the Government of India. Goldquest and Questnet closed in 2009 after duping lakhs of investors in India.
  1. QNet Ltd, formerly known as QuestNet, GoldQuest, and QI Limited, is a Hong Kong based direct selling company owned by the QI Group.
  2. The company's marketing strategy follows a multi-level marketing model, depending on independent representatives (IR) to refer its products to consumers (Close friends & relatives) and receive compensation based on the sales volume and the sales volume of other independent representatives in their teams who are arranged in a binary fashion.
  3. A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participant’s payment, services or ideals, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme or training them to take part, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud.
  4. The QNet had previously operated Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) schemes in India under the name of Gold Quest International Pvt Ltd and Quest Net Enterprises Pvt Ltd against which the legal action was initiated by the Government of India. Goldquest and Questnet closed in 2009 after duping lakhs of investors in India. Now QNet is duping investors worldwide. In many countries QI group is already banned. The old members of these above mentioned two companies were shifted into the new company called Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka, India as an up line Independent Representatives to disguise the innocent new members. The said old members of Quest Net Enterprises Pvt Ltd may have been migrated to the new company Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd to arrange them as Up Line of the binary tree of the scheme of the Company. Therefore, the real beneficiaries will be the original older members of Gold Quest International Pvt Ltd and Quest Net Enterprises Pvt Ltd and the new Down Line members will be suffering loss after some period of time as the scheme progresses. The company Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd which is operating the web site as an E- Commerce Venture to hide the fact that they are operating an illegal product based Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Scheme and cheating innocent people under the garb of selling products online for which the prices of the Products/Services are not displayed and no ordinary citizen can purchase any of the Products/Services without entering the details of Independent Representative for reference. Apart from this, in-spite of having Indian website, company IRs are purchasing through global website i.e. which does not have option to purchase in India by entering wrong country of residence. All these so called purchase are illegal. Money is being laundered out of India.
  5. QNet scam is investigated by Mumbai EOW for cheating and forgery under relevant sections of the Prize, Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978 and MPID act.
  6. Recently Bombay High Court given the Judgment, in which it mentions -
    "It is a chain scheme where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money. For that purpose, workshops are conducted where study and business material is provided with a jugglery of words, promises and dreams".
  7. As per RBI circular dated 1-January-2015, RBI cautioned the public against Multi-level Marketing (MLM) activities so that investors do not fall prey to unscrupulous entities.
    The Reserve Bank has also said that acceptance of money under Money Circulation/Multi-level Marketing/Pyramid structures is a cognizable offence under the Prize Chit and Money Circulation (Banning) Act 1978. Members of public coming across such offers should immediately lodge a complaint with the State Police.
  8. Secret SFIO report says MLM, Ponzi schemes ‘a threat to national security’. The Serious Frauds Investigation Office (SFIO) in its detailed ‘secret’ report on GoldQuest International Pvt Ltd and Quest Enterprises India Pvt Ltd has called multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes run by overseas operators as “a potential threat to national security”. The secret report (as it is labelled and not available in public domain) came out in 2012, but, there is no action taken for four long years to stop MLMs and Ponzi schemes like QNet from spreading.
Modus operandi
  1. QNet practices Binary Chain system to sell their products i.e. MLM (Multi-level marketing). This is a practice where company wants to sell their garbage products or overpriced products viz e-learning courses, holiday packages, bio disc, Chie pendent by talking rubbish about SELL MORE AND EARN MORE. The products are overpriced and not worth value for money. A business creates value through services or products and earns money for the value produced. That’s why QNet is failed in direct marketing and promoting IRs to sell more and earn more. QNet sell is not the product but the Business plan; they sell a dream of becoming rich quickly. Everyone in QNet knows that the products are so overpriced that no one will purchase them without a Business Plan. To earn money through commission from QNet, one has to sale more i.e. enroll more people member in the chain / pyramid by selling scrap products price between 30,000 to 10 lakhs. The actual cost of the products is nearly zero. In fact products are just a hiding platform that QNet is selling something for money. Since the upline‘s income is dependent on the recruiting success of downline participants, the upline is motivated to promote aggressive recruitment. This pressure from above and below can create explosive growth in recruitment and purchases by participants and sympathetic family members.
  2. Independent Representative (IRs) of Company conduct seminars and association, where they brainwash by using jugglery of words by showing some big dreams that you will get 5 crore within 4 to 5 years, and the hilarious thing is that they will even prove it by mathematical means and of course by hiding some mathematical truth. The motto of these training is to motivate new joiners. They tell you are that you are in QNet, a global company to do well for others, to make others financially free; you are doing service to others. This is completely rubbish. They are fooling all the agents. Thus QNet has to constantly motivate them with such fake things so that they keep selling the products.
  3. Ethical?
    If you have to be successful in QNet, then you have to have huge down line who have signed up under you. More than 90% people in QNet fail. Money is earned with commission based on volume of sale by selling fake product to 1000s of people, who will curse you for their lifetime.
  4.  Many countries have already banned QNet, but still they are operating because of lack of law and poor Judiciary system
  5. QNet, earlier was operating in India with different name, i.e. GoldQuest & QuestNet. In the year 2001, one Ms. Pushpam Appala Naidu, MD got registered Gold Quest International Private Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1956 at Chennai.
  6. The charge sheet filed against Quest Net Enterprises India Pvt Ltd incriminating 25 accused including Dato Vijay Eswaran, Group managing director, Malaysia and Ms Pushpam Appala Naidu, managing director, India was pending before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Egmore, said an official release. In the charge sheet, 583 witnesses have been cited and 818 numbers of documents have been lodged in support of prosecution. Further 32,011 complaints preferred by the victims also included in the charge sheet. As per investigation, the company was enrolled 3,68,994 (3.68 lacs) members (IRs) all over India and received Rs.11,12,99,10,958/- (1112 Crs). Out of 3,68,994 independent representatives (IR), 1,07,999 IRs hail from Tamil Nadu.
  7.  In case of GoldQuest, the main object of the company is “to establish a market of import and export of Numismatic and other precious and non-precious metal products including jewellery made from Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Radium and Silver and precious and non- precious stones” and develop it in India and abroad.  The Directors have established a chain link system and collected depositors from the public by luring them that the numismatic coin would fetch them good returns and collected more than 110 crores in Andhra Pradesh.  They could not give the promised product to the depositors and thus cheated.
  8.  Egypt, India, Iran, Indonesia, Nepal, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, and Turkey sued Qnet for allegedly operating a product-based pyramid scheme. The company and its franchise Vihaan are also being investigated in India.
  9. Australian Politician Cameron Thompson, the Nepalese Home Ministry, the Sri Lankan Central Bank, and the Iranian Government have described GoldQuest aka QNet as a pyramid scheme.
  10. In 2002, the Australian Office of Consumer and Business Affairs listed the QNet Company as one of 61 alleged pyramid schemes.
  11. The Nepalese Home Ministry banned the QNet company from operating in Nepal in 2003.
  12. Chief of the foreign exchange department of the Nepal Rastra Bank, said GoldQuest aka QNet was "a hundred percent fraud".
  13. The Sri Lankan government banned GoldQuest aka Qnet in 2005, claiming that the company had caused 15 million dollars to leave the country.
  14. In 2005, the Iranian government also banned GoldQuest means QNet, after prosecutors found that company activities had "led to the exit half of a billion dollars from Iran.
  15. In 2009, the Sudanese government banned QuestNet means QNet after allegations were made relating to poor product quality and non-receipt of products.
  16. In India, the Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) of the Central Bureau of Investigation of India investigating the case and Members of the company were arrested for cheating and case is pending for hearing.
  17. The business of QNet is to sell the DREAM of Work for a couple of years and earn forever, doing nothing to the tune of 5 Crs in 4 to 5 years. Needless to say, there are millions of people across the world, who buys into this dream.
Most of the money is being laundered out of India.
As per the binary chain / Pyramid system, there will be market saturation & 50% of public will lose the money. In fact mathematical data says, around 85% of the money is being goes to promoters of the scheme.

Saturday, 28 November 2015





these people set the targets high & put pressure on their employees to sell PGDM as MBA which doesn't have any recognition & value, this will simply become a peace of paper after paying huge amount, no promotion can take place with this degree, just go & study executive mba or regular mba if u really want to move up to the ladder.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Faking data earns stem cell researcher a ban on federal funding

The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) has sanctioned Kaushik Deb, a former post-doc at the University of Missouri-Columbia, who “engaged in misconduct in science by intentionally, knowingly, and recklessly” fabricating data in papers in both Science and Nature (which ultimately rejected his manuscript).

Deb was big news in 2007, when Science retracted his paper. Articles about the case appeared in many outlets, including The Scientist and USA Today. At the time, Missouri’s research integrity officer, Rob Hall, told the Columbia Tribune that: 
With the publication of this retraction, Dr. Deb is going to be subjected to the absolute worst punishment that any scientist can have … because he is going to be held up before the international scientific community as a fraud.
According to the ORI report,
Based upon the evidence and findings of an investigation report by the University of Missouri-Columbia (UM) transmitted to the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Research Integrity (ORI) and additional analysis conducted by ORI in its oversight review, ORI found that Dr. Kaushik Deb, former Postdoctoral Fellow, Life Sciences Center, UM, engaged in misconduct in science in research that was supported by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), National Institutes of Health (NIH), grants 2 R01 HD021896 and 5 R01 HD042201-05 and National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), NIH, grant 5 R01 RR013438-07.
ORI found that the Respondent intentionally, knowingly, and recklessly fabricated and falsified data reported in the following published paper:
·         Deb, K., Sivarguru, M., Yong, H., & Roberts, R.M. “Cdx2 gene expression and 2 trophectoderm lineage specification in mouse embryos.” Science 311:992-996, 2006 (hereafter referred to as “Science 311”); this paper was retracted on July 27, 2007
An earlier version of Science 311 had been previously submitted to Nature on or about June 24, 2005 (hereafter referred to as “Nature #1”). It was revised and resubmitted to Nature on or about August 24, 2005, and ultimately was rejected by Nature on September 14, 2005 (hereafter referred to as “Nature #2”).
Under the terms of the decision, ORI has levied a three-year ban on Deb from receiving any federal research funding.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Dishonest bunch of liars !!!

This review is for the ego wellness pune branch, dhole patil road, pune 411001

I have no experience of the quality of the treatment at ego wellness, as their machine was constantly under repairs and treatments that I had paid for were not completed .

while the treatment was not even completed half way ego wellness closed its pune, dhole patil road branch . while the branch was still open around july 2014, and  the machine was not available for treatment, I was told by the manager of the pune branch that my money would be refunded by october 2014 . upon visiting the shop in october I see that ego wellness is shut down . all this after waiting for almost a year for their ipl machine to be repaired!

following repeated telephone complaints to the manager I was given the number of one ms shelly in bangalore( # 0740615XXXX) who is supposed to be an owner/partner of the business . I tried calling her repeatedly but got no response . a few days later someone by the name of sandeep(# 973933XXXX) returned my call . I explained my problem to him and even sent a copy of the receipt . he too stopped answering my calls and emails . these people have no ethics whatsoever. any inquiries are also replied with outright lies . beware of these scamsters .! dishonest cheats is all I can say .

all this for a measley 7000/- rupees which they owe me as refund .


Friday, 19 September 2014

Fake companies for freshers

Be smart and Careful

3SPL Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Aanvi Web Services Blacklisted/Fraud
AAS Technologies Fake/Blacklisted
Accurix Infotech Blacklisted/Fraud
Accurix Technologies Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Aerosoft Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Airfone Blacklisted
Aniweb Designs Fake/Fraud
Applied Binary Blacklisted
Asian Info Systems Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Choice Information Network Technologies Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Click Inc Blacklisted
CMC Infotech Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Dibon Software Solution/Nanda Technology Group Fake/Fraud
Dilysmadoc Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Dot Technology Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
EGI Websoft Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Elsoft Technologies Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Elux India Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Emitech Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Enest Technology Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Ericsson Power Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
EXL Infotel Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Finch Lab Blacklisted/Fraud
Finite Infotech Fraud
Fusion Tech (Noida) Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Global Phone Networks(GPN) Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Ib1 Innovate Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
IT Scient Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
IWS Technology Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
JKL Console Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
JKL Media Pvt Ltd Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Kalash Technosoft Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
KMA Power Blacklisted
Kreeti Tech Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
L-Cubes Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Lantic Soft Solution Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Magnaj Innovation Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Matric Telecom Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Matrix3i Solutions Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Matwork Technologies Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Maxvin Elevators Fake/Fraud
Meteorite Informatics Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Mind & Tech Software Venture Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
MMV Solution Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Moon Infosystem Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Multimodous Ventures Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Negoits Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
NeoFra Web Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
NPCL (Net Profit Consultancy Limited) Blacklisted/Fraud
Oftware Pvt Ltd Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Oligoi Solution Pvt Ltd Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Origin Technical Services Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
OSN Infotech Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Pointer IT Solutions Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Prima Impact Informatics
Solution Blacklisted/Fraud
Process Global Inc Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Quadraminds Technologies Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Sairs Info Solutions Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Samcys Technologies Blacklisted
The Sohoy Blacklisted/Fraud
Vacs Infotech Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Zan Info Solutions Blacklisted/Fake/Fraud
Zep Infratech Fake/Fraud

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Propmind realty - Big frauds

Be smart and Careful

Hi friend,

I want to aware about a fraud company in noida, whose name is propmind realty.this company owner name is J. K Jeewan and his brother name is kalendra yadav,both are running a fraud real estate company(propmind realty).the previous name of this company was Muskan city homes.

Though muskan city homes company,they have done many fraud to his client and take his money (in Lakhs),go away from noida or delhi/ncr. many people who want to taken home/flats/villa through this company,all are in road currently beacause this company taken huge amount of money to his client and his Staff He has not paid even salary off is IT Team and Sales Team, HR Has Given Cheques but all are got bounced for booking homes/flats in noida or delhi/ncr region, but lastly he has gone away to take his money.

Again, he has started a new real estate company - PROPMIND REALTY PVT LTD in Noida,Running by J. K. JEEWAN . LIKE previous company(muskan city homes),again he has taken huge amont of money to his clent or invester for booking and go away. all employee,who was working in this company,facing problem nowadays because he had also not given his salary last 1 years.  

Be aware my friend, please don't join for job or invest your money for home or flats or any type of investment through this company.

Details of this company:-

Previous company name:- Muskan city homes
present company name:- Propmind Realty pvt ltd
owner name:- J K Jeewan
owner brother name:- Kalendra

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fake and fraud BPO list

Be smart and Careful

Fake BPO’s
Informatics India - Maldah
*Abhilash - Power Infotech - Banglore / Mysore
* Rosan Mehra - Mehra Infotech - Banglore
* Sanchit Mehta - Elixir Infoseek, Indore
* Chandomay Das - Guwahati
* Kunal Mehata - Guwahati
**vinayak chitlangi-yehmail,future technologies,jaipur
**Lancer Consultancy -Gwalior - M.P
1. Mr.Deepak Verma - AMBIT TECHNOCRATS, Sarvpriya Vihar,N.Delhi
2. Mr.Amit Sharma - Global Transcribe
3. Mr.Pramodh Gupta (Amit Singh) - Mission Technologies & E-Technologies, Surat
4. Mr.Sumit Charkraborty, Ankit Saxena, Atul Sinha - Hitech Solution, Indore
5. Mr.Umedh Doke - Golden Rays Technologies, Pune
6. Mr.Rahul Verma - N.Delhi
7. Mr.Anil Mehta, Ajay Mehta - Spectrum Technologies, Indore/Mumbai
8. Mr.Kamalesh, Varanasi
9. Mr.Alok bihar. Varanasi now with new name(netscape communication) and new project(dream project)
10. Mr.Ravinder Doshi & Mr.Dheeraj Jetley.- Madhyam Infotech Pvt Ltd., Mumbai
11. Mr.Mukul Anand - Future Concepts Pvt. Ltd., N.Delhi
12. Mr. Prashant Kale of Nagpur
13. Mr.Dasgupta - WITSUN, Mumbai.
14. Mr.Rajesh Khare - Delhi and Kolkata
15. Mr.Rajiv - FAST TRACK COMPUTERS, Bangalore
16. Mr.Rakesh Patil - Eminent Technologies, Mumbai.
18. Mr. Sarang Kale of Nagpur
19. Mr.Manish Kedia -- Kolkata.
20. Mr.Shetty - Advance Computer Centre, Kolkata
21. Mr.Parthosen -- Bangalore/Mysore
22. Mr.Subhranil Banerjee -- Kolkata
23. Mr.Jai Prakash Garg -- Delhi/Kolkata.
24. Mr.Anirban Mazumdar -- Kolkata.
25. Mr.Rajesh Ganguly, N.Delhi
26. Shanark Industrial Company of Nagpur
27. Ms.Shivani Jha - E-LOGIX INDIA, Gurgaon.
28. Mr.Sailendra Godse -- Pune
29. Mr.Rajesh Jain - Surbhi Computech, Pune
30. Mr.Suranjan Bhattacharya & Mr.Pradip Roychowdhury -- Kolkata
31. Mr. Ranjan Kale of Nagpur
32. -- Indore/ Chennai
33. Datapoint-Uttam Nagar, Pankha Road, N. Delhi.
34. Helpine Software & System Development: kolkata
35. Mr.Sisir Ghose, Sapan Mondol, Subrata -- Regent colony, Kolkata/Delhi
36. Maithry Infotech, Bangalore
37. Mr.Balaji Bhandari - Pune
38. Mr.Kedar Pandey - M/s Root Call Consultancy, Muradabad
39. Mr.Shekar Narayan can be anywhere in India
40. Mr.Ashish Lunkhad--Visual Flex, Mumbai
41. Mr.Siddhartha Biswas -- Kolkata.
42. Mr.J.P.Singh -- N.Delhi
43. Mr.Rahul Singh -- Inox Solution, N.Delhi
44. Mr.Sajid Nakhwa -- Kolkata/Delhi.
45. Mr.Shiva - can be anywhere in India
46. Mr.Rajesh khare -- Delhi and Kolkata.
48. Mr.Anirban Mazumdar -- kolkata.
49. Mr.Argha Chatterjee -- kokata.
50. Mr.Satish Sankhe -- Mumbai.
51. Mr.Mumtaz Demello -- Mumbai.
52. Mr.Gurmit -- Panipat
53. Mr.Sankar Iyer -- Nasik
54. Mr.Sunil Rathore -- N.Delhi
55. Mr.Surender -- Allahabad
56. Mr.Alok Haldar - Micro Support Systems, N.Delhi(greater kailash-2).
57. Mr.Harsh Sharma - Source Horizon, Jaipur
58. Mr.Satish - Mind Vision Data Solution
59. is a fruad company Pune
60. Mr.Shpriya Anna -- Delhi
Mr. Ravi Khanna & Rohan Khandelwal - Lancer consultancy-Gwalior
Mr. Prasanth verma, Infoserve technologies, Kolkatta
Mr. Daniel Rozar, Kolkatta, Singapore, Delhi
Mr. Rajkumar , ACME BPO , coimbatore
All firms from Kolkata ,Kanpur & Luknow
61. Mr.Rahul Singh -- kolkata
62. Mr.D.P.Shethia -
63. Mr.Vinod Rajan (hyderabad/bombay/delhi)
64. Mr.Debasis Saha,Anirban Ghosh & Sisir Ghosh -- Kolkata. Agent of Mr. Mukul Anand, Future Concepts, N.Delhi
66. Mr.Deep Sharma -- Nagpur
67. - court orders to file FIR of 420 against
68. Synapse IT Systems Pvt Ltd, N Delhi.
69. Techtrix Infocom, N Delhi.
70. Mr. Ekalayva Saxena -- N.Delhi/Uttar Pradesh
71. Mr.Ramesh & Sagheer
72. Mr.Aryan & Dev & Kishore
73. Salient Online Solution Pvt Ltd
74. Mr.Raj kumar of nagpur
75. Mr.R.Attal - Global Technologies, Bangalore
76. Winwin tech.
77. Mr.Radhe Shyam Agrawal -Jagat India, Jaipur
79. Mr. Deepak Verma & Mr. Amit Sharma - Winpac Delhi
80. Mr Rohit Malhotra & Mr Rahul Bhalla- Cyberix Technologies, Gurgaon
82. Royal Computer - Lucknow
83. Mr.Sanjoy Saha Kolkata
84. Mr.Nabin Chowdhury - Kolkata
85 Mr.Manos - Kolkata
86. -- Aurangabad
87. Nashik
Disclaimer : I do not hold hold any responsibility or liability of any kind towards any companies or consultancies listed above.The information is fetched from the above mentioned links.No clarification or enquiry regarding it will be entertained.